cycle - mentoring
"start living with your cycle"


cycleduc® contributes to women and girls living a self-determined life. We want the knowledge about the female body to be accessible for women worldwide. Any woman should have a chance to gain knowledge about the individual biological processes in her body, particularly about her monthly cycle. 

Since the women have to be active,  their perception of their cycle will be sharpened. As a consequence the complex relationship between menstruation and fertiity  can be memorized acutely.  It is a fact that despite access to highly developed methods of family planning, even girls and women in the western world often lack informed knowledge regarding their cycle.

Using cycleduc® particularly underprivileged women worldwide can develop their personal cycle image by daily documentation. Doing so does not depend on their level of education, standard of living, culture or country and is done without violating any taboos. This supports their ability to live their lives more freely and independently than they usually could in their possibly precarious situation. Even in 2020 this cannot automatically be taken for granted everywhere. 

 At cycleduc® we have developed a simple tool that works independently of the digital world and includes all women and girls, illiterate or not. This is precisely why our knowledge transfer involves active participation, giving women more sustainable access to the complex relationship of menstruation and fertility. 
 It consists of a piece of cloth and threads in three colours and is produced zero waste. The manual consists of pictograms and and is therefore also suitable for illiterate women. An individual cycle image is developed, becoming more and more precise over time by depicting the complete range of cycle variations.